Electronic Tank Monitoring System

All customers in our Budget or Automatic Plans will have Internet-based electronic tank monitoring systems available at no charge!

Our state-of-the-art monitoring system:

    • Predicts empty tanks BEFORE they happen
    • Informs us of low fuel tanks prior to storms, cold snaps and other weather events
    • Allows YOU to access your account and view your tank level(s) at anytime over the Internet
    • The system reads the ambient air temperature in your home
    • Saves costly caretaker visits to your home to check tank levels
    • Transmits tank level data wirelessly through the Internet
    • Sensor has long-lasting battery life
    • Weatherproof
    • Increases our delivery efficiency allowing savings to be passed onto you

How does it work? 

A small antenna is mounted on or near your tank(s) which transmits your tank level on a hourly basis. Nantucket Energy receives those transmissions through our high-gain antennas located around the island. The information is transmitted to our central tank monitoring system via the Internet.  Not only will we be able to track your tank level(s) from our office ensuring that you never run out of fuel, but YOU (or your caretaker) can also check your tank level(s) on our website at any time from anywhere in the world!

In addition, we have an in-house monitor which will not only transmit tank level data to us, but which will also monitor the ambient air temperature of your home or building.  We simply plug the remote receiver into any router or Internet connection in your home and collect the data through any PC connected to the Internet (sorry, dial-up systems will currently not support electronic tank monitoring). Tank readings are provided to our office as many as 6 times a day.  

What if the power goes out? 

Our technology has an automatic re-boot system.  In the event of a power failure our system will re-calibrate itself when the power comes back on.  It will also read the temperature in your home or building as well as your tank level(s).  The system has a built-in fail safe system: if we’re not getting readings from your home in our central tank level database, our system alerts us and we will notify you immediately so the system can be checked.

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