Automatic Delivery Plan


Automatic Plan customers have their fuel delivered when Nantucket Energy’s fuel management system determines a delivery is needed.  This is the most common gas delivery plan on Nantucket.  

Customers who purchase 500 gallons of fuel per year or more will receive electronic tank monitoring at no additional charge.  Customers purchasing less than 500 gallons per year from Nantucket Energy may be required to pay a small monthly fee for electronic tank monitoring.  

All customers are required to maintain a major credit card on file to ensure payment.  The Prompt Payment Discount  will apply to Automatic Payment Plan customers.

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How to save
$.10 a gallon
every fill!

In recognition of the value we
place on our customers and their
prompt payment of invoices,
we will offer a .10 cent per
gallon discounts.


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If you smell gas, immediately turn off appliances, extinguish any open flames or smoking materials and get out of the house immediately. Call Nantucket Energy at 508-228-6240 immediately. If you cannot immediately reach someone at Nantucket Energy, call the Nantucket Fire Department at 508-228-2323. If it is an emergency situation, CALL 911.