1. Philip Marks, III - Founder & CEO
    1. Third generation Nantucketer, Phil began his problem solving career at Academy Hill (back in the day when it was a school).  He continued with his education on island and graduated with the class of 81’ from Nantucket High School.  Phil enrolled with the United States Navy, where he studied nuclear propulsion and proudly served for six years in nuclear submarine engineering.
      Following his naval career, Phil returned home to Nantucket and worked for the Nantucket Electric Company for nine years.  In 1994, Phil was contracted by Solar Turbines and traveled throughout the United States as a turbine engineer.  Wanting to be at home on Nantucket once again, Phil started Atlantic AEolus Corp (AAC), in 1999.  AAC specializes in the re-location of large structures, and has also expanded into excavation and marine hauling.
      Phil’s wife, Kim, has lived on Nantucket for over 30 years.  Kim  worked at Nantucket Bank as the operations manager, and for the Town of Nantucket as the town treasurer. Today, Kim has her own bookkeeping company serving several local businesses. 
      Phil and Kim have two beautiful daughters, Mei and Meghan. Both are enrolled at Cyrus Peirce Middle School.   His parents both have long community ties. Phil’s dad, Philip Marks Jr, worked for Nantucket Electric (then the Nantucket Gas & Electric Company) for 30 years.  Phil’s mom, Carol, worked for Nantucket Bank (then the Nantucket Savings Bank) for over 25 years and is now the clerk for St. Mary’s Church. 
      Phil is an avid hunter and fisherman.  He volunteers many hours to the Nantucket Hunting Association.  However, his favorite pastime is spending time with family and watching his daughters play softball.  Much like the Native Americans, he has a very strong respect for nature. Throughout his life, Phil has always been involved with energy & nature and is a strong supporter of renewable energy.

Customer Service Staff

  1. Marianne Jenkinson
    1. When Marianne moved to the island in 2004, she was working as a consultant from her home office. After receiving a call from Phil asking for some assistance in his new venture, she began with Nantucket Energy in January 2009.  She was thrilled to have face-to-face contact and jumped at the chance to have coworkers in the same office.  Her love of meeting and talking to new people allows her to enjoy the daily conversations she has with our customers.  As a mother of four very active children (including twin 5 year old boys), she spends her afternoons either at the hockey rink or soccer fields.
  2. Pam Bell
    1. Pam is a Nantucket native and is married to David Bell.  They have one son, Christopher, who is currently attending Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  Her parents are Jim and Helen (McDonald) Cranston, also Nantucket natives.  She loves spending time with family and friends, watching her son and nieces and nephews play sports, and is a big supporter of Nantucket Whaler sports teams.  She loves going to the beach, boating and fishing.

Field Service Staff

  1. Albert Swietlik
    1. Albert joined Nantucket Energy in January 2013. He first came to the island in 2000 and then returned to his homeland in Poland.  In 2004 he decided to move his family here permanently and worked with a local plumber to obtain his plumbing and gas fitter license.  His meticulous attention to detail and strong work ethic make him a perfect fit for Nantucket Energy.  He enjoys fishing, fishing and more fishing and spending time with his wife and two children.
  2. Mark Williams
    1. As another island native, Mark has been with Nantucket Energy since January 2009 and can be found in one of our delivery trucks weekdays and some nights.  Mark enjoys boating, time on Tuckernuck, NASCAR, and hanging out with his two adorable grandchildren.
  3. Jason Pike
    1. Jason is the jack of all trades…driver, excavator for tank burials, service, and the go-to guy for everything else.  He moved to the island in 2000 and began working with Nantucket Energy is 2011. He loves sports, spending time with his family and friends and writing poetry.
ways to save with fuel costs
If you smell gas, immediately turn off appliances, extinguish any open flames or smoking materials and get out of the house immediately. Call Nantucket Energy at 508-228-6240 immediately. If you cannot immediately reach someone at Nantucket Energy, call the Nantucket Fire Department at 508-228-2323. If it is an emergency situation, CALL 911.